The Sunsphere City: An Ultimate Guide of Things to Do in Knoxville Paperback

Located in beautiful East Tennessee, is The Sunsphere Cityotherwise known as Knoxville. Described as an all-encompassing city, Knoxville has been named as one of the top 10 places to live and offers something for everyone!
This book sheds some light on Knoxville's history as well as experiences 
Not to be missed! Whether for a visitor wanting an ultimate tourist's guide or a local wanting a comprehensive hometown table book, The Sunsphere City: An Ultimate Guide of Things to Do in Knoxville is sure to please!
From #1 Best-Selling Author and National Speaker, Dr. Conway presents a 
comprehensive book written in a casual, easy-to-read style, along with FULL-COLOR images and the latest information, The Sunsphere City proves to be an enjoyable book.

Highlights include:
  • Brief history of Knoxville (not a boring textbook!)
  • Fun Facts & Origins of Nicknames
  • 1982 World's Fair Legacy
  • Culture & Art Venues
  • Nature & Adventure Experiences
  • Special Shopping & Dining Areas
  • Amazing Attractions
Dr. Conway, a local professor, author, and actress, enjoys educating others about this area nestled amidst the "Smoky Mountain World." Her works also include a best-selling book Dollywood: An Ultimate Guide of Things to See, Eat, and Do which is fully illustrated and updated yearly and My Smokies, a guide to the Smoky Mountains. The author inspires to help others Make A Great Journey™ in life!